Staying in Focus: Free Writing for Writing 101


This is my 20 minutes of free writing for Writing 101. Please excuse any grammatical errors.

I saw my neurologist today. He put me through my paces and I like a well-trained dog did my best –cross  arms in front of chest and stand up, take a walk down the hall back, touch fingers to fingers, open and close the hands real fast, shrug shoulders, grin real big, squeeze his hands. And while he checks reflexes, the questions, this time are: what day is it? what are the names of the streets outside? what is the governor ‘s name? Bingo, 100% on that one.  Then we discuss the progression of the illness. He notices a slight movement that could be the start of dyskenisia, but a new drug is due out by years end to address this, oh joy, another chemical to put in my body when I get up in the morning. Good news is that Azelect will become generic soon. I really hate taking all these pills but I know I have no choice if I want to keep moving. The alarm goes off  at 6:00 am for the thyroid meds and then at 7:30 for the first dose of carbidopa/levodopa and Mirapex for the Parkinson’s , toprol for high blood pressure, clonazepam for anxiety; at 3:0 0 another dose of the carbidopa/levodopa combo again, and the Mirapex and Azelect. And then at 11:00 the third doses of the dopas and Mirapex, plus an aspirin to deter the return of colon cancer. In between I fit in 4 fish oil capsules, vitamin D, folic acid and a multi-vitamin. They are a necessary evil that keeps me moving and hopefully is slowing down the disease. We discuss some difficulty in recalling words now and then and this is most upsetting because I am a wordsmith. They are my connection to the world. I show him a copy of my book and he is quite impressed. He asks if I plan to write more. Already have, I say to him. To myself I add, Loss of language, of words and communication is the worst thing Parkinson’s can do to me. But overall, I am doing above average he says. Keep up the exercise- he believes this has helped immeasurably in slowing the PD down. He asks about any uncontrollable impulses like gambling or over spending. No, I say. There’s just one place that behavior might  be evident – on WordPress where I post my blogs…


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