Staying in Focus: Finding Peace Among the Flowers

Our  friends have been under a great deal of stress lately, so we  decided to take them to Duke Gardens and hang out with the ducks and the pretty flowers. It was a beautiful day for the first of June, bright sunshine , blue sky, no humidity. We walked under a canopy of tree branches, shady and cool, around a pond filled with ducks and white swans with black necks. We sat on a stone bench and just listened to the birdsong. We all felt much more relaxed after our mini vacation from the stresses of life.

This wooded path reminded me of a poem I had written years ago while visiting poet Carl Sandburg’s home, Connemara


Follow the shady path around the pond.

Follow the shady path around the pond.










Beneath the leafy canopy

I walk each summer’s day

I pause along the woodland path

and watch the shadows play

As sunlight filters through the trees

and gentle breezes kiss my face

I know I’ve found a refuge here,

A woodland home, a sacred place


And this picture of the lake  brought to mind this one:









Still Waters

The placid waters of the lake

reflect the leaves of green

My thoughts lie calm, like waters still

my spirit is serene

I let fly loose the tension, then,

let go the stress and pain

and in my mind and in my soul

I feel at peace again.


I invite you to take a virtual tour today, let go the stress and  find peace among the flowers.



A family of geese out for an afternoon swim



Swan in black  and white


These hostas look like they were hand painted – I guess they were – by mother nature!

IMG_3108       IMG_3120IMG_3033IMG_3121IMG_3092IMG_3091IMG_3085IMG_3060

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