Staying in Focus: Writing 101 #3 Commiting to a Writing Practice

This is a free writing exercise for Writing 101. Please excuse spelling and grammar errors and typos.

Today is another free writing day, this time about my 3 favorite songs. This was a tough one, except for the first, which is Here, There and Everywhete by the Beatles, which was the song we danced to at our wedding reception. Every time I hear it, I go back in time to that happy day – I would love to do it all again, because I picked a peach of a guy. Just yesterday, after almost 38 years of marriage, he received a package in the mail, opened it an handed me a little blue box. This is for you, he said. I opened the box to find another box this one velvet to the touch. I opened it to reveal a lovely pendant necklace, tear drop shaped, about an inch long, one side of the pendant is covered with tiny turquoise crystals, the other side is covered in blue crystal;s and there is a round piece at the top covered with silver crystals. The center of the pendant is open and white silver crystals line this opening.” What is this for?” I asked. He smiled and said,” can’t I just give you a present?” “Here, There and Everywhere, fella!”

I enjoy a wide range of music so it is hard to pick only 2 more. But I’ll choose Rocky Mountain High by John Denver because it defines my high school years, my interest in nature and the environmental movement. I first heard the song at a diner with my friends. Someone chose it in the jukebox and I heard this incredibly beautiful voice singing a song about the mountains. I was hooked.

And number three would have to be a Beach Boys song, but which one? I’ll skip the obvious and choose God Only Knows because Carl Wilson sang it and he was my favorite and this song is played at the end of one of my favorite movies, Love Actually and ties in nice with song #1 as I type these lyrics out to Bill, my peach of a guy, “God only knows what I’d be without you…”


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