Staying in Focus: I Remember London

Our Walking Tour of London



Green Park

Green Park

IMG_2020 - Copy


IMG_2021 - Copy


Bill and I waiting to chat with the queen

IMG_2038 - Copy

The ever-present double-deck red buses







alternative transport for busy London streets

crazy roundabouts

people gather outside pubs after work



Winged Victory













I can’t believe it has been a year since our cruise and our stay in London. Sometimes I can hardly believe we were there. But then I’ll remember that park, a little green park we wandered through on our way to Buckingham Palace. It was a Friday – early evening, the sun still high in the sky. People are sitting on blankets taking advantage of the sun and pleasant weather while the children run and play tag among the greenery. Others hurl Frisbees to one another, or practice their moves with a soccer ball. This could easily be a scene in any American city, but for some reason it is the first thing I visualize when I think of London.

Perhaps it is because it demonstrates how much more we are alike as people than different. How all we really want is to live our lives in peace, enjoy a simple Friday evening in a pleasant spot beneath the trees with family and friends.

I remember London

A warm day in July

The double-decker buses

And the crazy roundabouts

we find a pub

and I order fish and chips

Bill orders a Big Ben Burger

we also find a bookstore

I buy a book of sonnets

by the Bard…


we pass a park of green

where people relax

sitting on blankets

enjoying the sun

tossing Frisbees

and practicing moves

with soccer balls…


outside Buckingham Palace

people sit around the statue

of Winged Victory

awaiting the announcement

of a royal baby’s birth

tomorrow we’ll do the touristy

things, but for today

we enjoy our walking tour

of  London on a summer

evening in July

(pc 2014)


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