Staying in Focus: United We Stand


The towers fell as evil rained

Destruction from the sky

Our nation roused to anger

As we counted those who died

But the spirit of our people

Would not falter or dissolve

To eliminate this evil would

Become our firm resolve

So we stand, as, one united

As we turn to face the night

And dispel the evil shadows

With the beam of freedom’s light

We will not forget the fallen

Nor the families left to mourn

We will heal the cratered cities

And the symbols once reborn

Will illuminate the future

With the message of our time

We stand fast against the darkness

Let the bells of freedom chime!

— pat coyle 2001

The last time we stood, as one, united, was on one of the darkest days in our nation’s history.On that day we didn’t live in red states or blue states, we lived in the United States of America. And we did  what we always do when tragedy happens, we helped  each other, we rolled up our sleeves  and opened our wallets. We witnessed acts of courage and bravery and took pride in what, united, we could accomplish.

Is what happened on 9/11 the only way we can work together for the common good? When did everything change? When did our differing philosophies become words of hate to hurl at one another? I ask you, on the anniversary of this tragic day, to look around at the people you pass on the streets of  your town. They are not enemies. They are your family, friends and neighbors. I ask our elected officials to look at one another and see people. perhaps some with different opinions from theirs, but not enemies.

If we truly want to be united  as a nation, we must first be united as a people. And the first place to start is to remember the day the towers fell and how in our darkest hour we rose above our differences and took care of each other.




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