Staying in Focus: Beautiful Sunsets and a GoodReads Giveaway

IMG_3829A few evenings ago, we had the most glorious sunset. It brought to mind the scene in my book, Escape from Mount Sanctuary, in which Ke and Tuck see a sunset for the first time:

As we watched, the clouds moved toward the sun, clustering all around it. The light began to change again and it painted the clouds with swirling bands of blue, purple and pink. Here and there, long ribbons of golden light shot through the clouds and streamed toward the sands below, setting the desert aglow. Gradually though, the ribbons faded and the sun seemed to lose its shape, changing from a yellow orb to a splash of bright orange smeared in the center of the painted clouds. It was as if the sky was on fire and I felt suspended in time as my eyes drank in greedy gulps the scene before me.

“How does it do that?” I could barely whisper the words. I looked over at Tuck. He had removed his eye shields now that the light had paled. I could see the colors of the sky reflected in his eyes. His face, turned upward, shone in the luminous glow. I saw wonder reflected there, in Tuck’s eyes and etched on his timeworn face. “I do not know how such beauty is created, Ke, but my spirit is thankful for the seeing. I will hold this moment in my heart forever.”

My book is available in both paperback and Kindle editions at:

If you would like to try to read it for free, I am hosting  a Giveaway on Goodreads, ten free copies to ten lucky winners. beginning on October 2nd and ending on Nov. 2nd.





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