Staying in Focus: In Transition

I had been tooling along for quite some time with my Parkinson’s treatments working pretty well, keeping me functioning and moving well enough to allow me to ignore the role this disease was  playing in my life for the most part. That bump in the night I had a few weeks back was  a wake up call in more ways than one.

I am still feeling the effects of coming off the Mirapex, 7 days now, and still having these massive hot flashes that turn my face red and the sweat just pours off me. Today I took a long cold shower. It felt like heaven to be free of those hot flashes, if only for a little while. My neurologist is tweaking my other meds a bit to compensate, but I am not moving as well as I had been. So I have upped my time on my exercise cycler to see if that helps. Our Moving Day NC Triangle event, a fundraiser for the National Parkinson Foundation is on Nov 1st and I am determined to make the walk.

Our team, Pat’s Patrol, has raised over $600.00 so far, and I am grateful to, and proud of everyone who has contributed to our efforts. Our team shirts arrived today, so I’ll be distributing them to the team, and we’ll be ready to go on November 1st! I have 14 friends and family members walking with me, including my two grandchildren, Evelyn (8) and Gavin (5). They were here when the shirts arrived today and were so excited to get them. Events like these not only raise money for research and programs, they give friends and family the opportunity to show their support for those of us with PD, and give us the chance to take an active role in doing something to help ourselves and play an active role in the search for a cure.  I’ll be taking lots of pictures to share with you.

Anyone interested in joining in or donating can find info at:


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