Staying in Focus: Daily Prompt: Sparkle or Still: A Moment Lost

Daily Prompt: What’s your idea of a perfect day off: one during which you can quietly relax, doing nothing, or one with one fun activity lined up after the other? Tell us how you’d spend your time.


…a moment lost, forever gone, can never be again…

– Enya

Each day we are given is a joy and a blessing to be appreciated and what we do matters less than that we do something to celebrate the day itself. I would have to say that how I spend my day depends on two things –  the weather and where I am at the time. Sometimes, I like to combine the two in one day – sparkle a little, then be still.

Take,  for example,  that most enjoyable of all days, a snow day. School and work suspended and the world  transformed into a vision of fantasy.  I love to walk in falling snow and watch the transformation take place.  I like to get out early into the woods where all is silent and still. I was the first person in these woods as there were no other footprints in the  cashmere-like  layer of snow on the path.




Later, when the sun comes out, icicles sparkle from the eaves of rooftops and everything is bright and soft and the air filled with the squeals and shouts of children sledding, building snowmen, making angels in the snow and engaging in snowball fights. My mission is to find objects and vistas transformed by the event.



IMG_256a5 Photo01_1








But soon the cold creeps in,  my camera starts to freeze and that’s when I retreat to my warm, cozy home, turn on the fire, whip up a cup of hot cocoa and curl up with a good book, toasty, warm and still.

Gloomy, cloudy rainy days are still days for me. Time to read, paint, or write (see my book Escape from Mount Sanctuary on Amazon). and listen to the raindrops as they fall, nourishing and replenishing the plants and the soil, the lakes and streams.

Where I am also has an impact on how I spend my time, and I enjoy spending some of it on a cruise. The days at sea offers the opportunity to sit on the deck chairs, relax, sleep, read, and listen to music. A jumbotron screen, over the pool on one of the decks, plays movies and concerts .IMG_0972

When the ship reaches a port of call, then the action begins with disembarking, exploring the city we are in or riding buses to other cities, or taking a scenic ride through the countryside.


We know not everyday can be a snow day or a vacation day, but each  one is special because the number of our days is not infinite. We can  celebrate each day with a positive attitude, take time to enjoy what each day brings as it unfolds, do something productive, or do a kindness for another.  How we spend our time is not measured in how much we do, but how well we do it. We must make those moments count, whether we are sitting in our backyard gazing at the crisp blue of an autumn sky,  walking in the snow on a quiet winter morning, or watching the sunrise from a balcony on a ship cruising the British Isles.

Spend your moments as you will, but spend them well.                                                                          IMG_1950

IMG_2038 - Copy IMG_2034 - Copy stonehengeIMG_1180

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