Staying in Focus: Focus on Gratitude

As I will be busy the next few days preparing for Thanksgiving, I figured on getting a head start by listing what I am most thankful for in  poem and picture:



For sweeping skies of crystal blue

and mighty mountains standing tall;

For the new grown green of early spring

and the brightly colored leaves of fall;

For butterflies and singing birds,

Morning light and summer showers,

Treasured books, filled with words

a special place to read for hours;

For Christmas trees and twinkling lights,

For gathering with those most dear.

For silent snow that frosts the night

and dreams of peace to conquer fear;

For delicate flowers and a star-spangled sky,

For the marvel that is our universe,

For the sense of wonder as we try

to unravel things mysterious;

For the light and warmth of the golden sun,

For ocean waves that rush to shore,

For spending time just having fun

with my close friends, whom I adore,

For those who love and care for me

my family, how I love them so

the best of times, most certainly;

For all there is to learn and know

and all the things I’ve  yet to do,

I’m filled with heartfelt gratitude.


Count your blessings this Thanksgiving. You will be amazed at how many you have!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!






009                      IMG_2499 - Copy - CopyIMG_2501a - Copy IMG_7854IMG_2893

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