Staying in Focus: Daily Post: Piranha Paradise

Daily Prompt:

Is there a place in the world you never want to visit? Where, and whyt

My hair gets frizzy just thinking about the tropics. I cannot abide high humidity, I hate to be hot and sweaty, but most of all I have no desire to go where creatures can get inside you and grow and then bore their way from the inside out.

I must admit that I am quickly tiring of the cold this winter, and as I Iive in North Carolina, I realize I have little to complain about compared to those living in the northeast where the snow has piled quite high in some places, and It’s 27 below 0, but I still prefer the more temperate climes to the steamy jungles of the tropics.

Giant snake that drop from trees, huge crocodiles with snapping jaws that lurk along the riverbanks, and schools of hungry piranhas waiting for a tasty meal, not to mention clouds of stinging insects buzzing around are welcome to their tropical  paradise. I’ll stick to the temperate zones, thank you very much!


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