Staying in Focus: A Little Bit of Winter

Although it has been a cold winter here in NC, we have escaped the relentless pounding the northern states have taken in regards to snow. Fortunately, when our temps have dropped, the weather has been cloudy, but dry; when the weather has been wet, the temperature has been mild.

Until this week, when winter decided to pay a visit to NC. And wouldn’t  you know, it picked the day we had to drive our son up to the airport for a business trip to San Francisco.The first weather event was a “wintry mix”, which turned out to be lots of sleet and fortunately, less freezing rain than predicted. As our son’s flight was to depart before dawn, we were up half the night waiting to see if his flight would be cancelled. The plane which would eventually take him to California was on its way when winter was busy painting our roads with a nice, thick cover of icy white sleet. The plane had almost made it to Durham, when it was diverted to Pittsburgh. So we caught a little sleep and his departure was set for later in the day and were able to slog our way to the airport and see him off to  San Francisco, where he is enjoying weather in the high 60s.

Meanwhile, we experienced our second bout of “winter” with about 30 minutes of a rather pretty snowfall yesterday, and a plunge into near record breaking cold for our region. However, high spirits will be lifted this weekend when tempsIMG_4309 IMG_4323 reach the 50s, which is about average for this time of the year.

The weather had one upside, however, in that I finally ha something interesting to photograph.

IMG_4304IMG_4298 IMG_4296IMG_3524IMG_4294IMG_3532IMG_3499IMG_4288

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