Staying in Focus: Welcome Spring!

Just when things seem their bleakest, some little thing comes along to chase away the doldrums and bring a smile to one’s face. I walked into my kitchen recently, where all of my houseplants huddle for the winter, vying for the sunlight streaming through the windows and happy, I think, to be inside where it is warm, rather than outside, where our temperatures continue to rise and then fall like an overcooked soufflé.

This particular day, a spot of color caught my eye, and I realized that one of my orchid plants had bloomed.  I am a sucker for orchid plants. When they arrive at the plant nurseries grouped together, I am drawn like a squirrel to birdseed. Delicate blooms in a variety of color delight the eye. A few years back, I wandered into the houseplant section of Home Depot, and before me lay a veritable garden of bright blue orchids!


This particulate orchid bloomed for a long time. I had almost given up on it when it began to bloom again. The second blooming retained some of the dye, so the blossoms were light blue, and by the third blooming, the flowers  had reverted to their original white.

Orchid plants aren’t much to look at when they are not blooming, just a few large green leaves , but they make up for it when they decide to bloom again. This year they bloomed on yet another dreary, grim, wet winter day. Thank you, my orchids, for a taste of spring when I needed it most. Not to be undone, my African Violets are now attempting to steal the show.

IMG_4435 IMG_4441a IMG_4442 IMG_0337

Since then nature has awakened outside. The yellow forsythia are shining like the sun, and the delicate blooms on my Japanese cherry tree are dancing and bobbing in the gentle breeze. And how about that Carolina blue sky!  Ah, spring at last!

IMG_4454IMG_4455 IMG_4458

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