Staying in Focus: Focus on: Spring: A Song for the Soul

Finally, the malaise of that long, cold dreary winter has lifted and hearts are lightened as hope returns, sweeping in on the warm breezes of spring.

I now realize why our ancient ancestors held festivals and celebrations to welcome the return of the light.  Nothing beats the arrival of spring.

In what seems a breathless moment it unfolds with the promise of life renewing itself. The daylight lasts longer, the sun shines warmer and gentle breezes carry the smell of fresh soil, the scent of flowers, and the songs of the birds to awaken our senses and repair our tattered spirits.

Spring had to work hard this year to loosen winter’s ironclad grasp but it has finally succeeded.

As I write this, sitting at a table on my back porch, I look out at the delicate pink blossoms on the Japanese cherry tree dancing in the breeze while bees buzz busily around the blossoms, drawing out the sweet nectar. The trees are covered with the bright green of newly unfurled leaves and birds hop and flit among the tree branches Along the edge of our property, the brilliant yellow forsythia are already turning green as leaves replace the blossoms.

I listen to the birds, calling to each other. A pair of cardinals have been engaged in a long conversation.  At one point they emit sounds fast and furious, perhaps a slight difference of opinion on where to build their new home.

The last two days have found me sitting on my back porch, feeling the touch of the warm sun and the caress of gentle breezes, willing the sun to slow its descent. The sun’s rays are slanted now, sending stripes of light across the floor of the porch, and burnishing the leaves on the trees in a soft, golden light. Soon the sun will set, and I must, reluctantly, go inside to prepare dinner.

I pause for a moment, however, and take the time to absorb the beauty around me in the peace of this spring day.  The sky is incredibly blue, dotted here and there with puffy cotton-ball clouds. The sights and sounds of spring are songs for our souls.

It is reassuring that despite what troubles our world may face, despite the problems and stresses of everyday life, we can count on spring’s arrival to mark a new beginning, a chance to renew and redo, to start over and stride into the green, growing and flower-bedecked world outside our door. Take time to enjoy it while it’s here: take a walk, stroll through an arboretum or plant nursery, visit a farmer’s market and let your spirit sing.IMG_4472IMG_4479


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