Staying in Focus: Fun and Fitness at Gram’s

I never know what my granddaughter has in mind to do when she comes to visit. Recently, she decided to transform my kitchen into “ a  Fun and Fitness Center’’.  She gathered various kinds of weight lifting and work out equipment, created a “Hydration Station”, with cups of cold water and red grapes for her customers to enjoy after their work-out. Of course, her customers were her brother, her dad and Bill and I.

I printed pictures for her and she made a book about her new business. She read it to each of us, then we each had to join her book club,write a book and read it to the group. Hands down, grandpa’s was the funniest.

We played with Legos, sent our pirates on a mission to find treasure and watched a movie.  Lots of laughs,giggles and being silly – a perfect grandkids weekend!

IMG_4777IMG_4770 IMG_4767 IMG_4766 IMG_4765 IMG_4764 IMG_4763 IMG_4778 IMG_4780 IMG_4784 IMG_4781 IMG_4782

Being Silly:

IMG_4787 IMG_4786

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