Staying in Focus: Focus On: Just Add a Little Soap and Water

This past weekend was a shenanigan weekend at our house. In other words, the grandkids were coming to visit. We started calling them shenanigans when my son asked what shenanigans were planned for an upcoming weekend with them , and I replied, “The shenanigans will arrive about 1:00 on Saturday.”  So now they are our little shenanigans. Not so little, anymore though. We celebrated Evelyn’s 9th birthday this weekend. I truly do not know where the time has gone.

When they arrived, Evelyn opened her presents, and then wanted to spend some of her birthday money. We took her to Toys are Us. She is very careful with her money. She wanted to buy something, but didn’t want to use her money unless she found something she really liked. I spied these Skylander figures that I knew she and Gavin both liked. and to her delight, there was  a special sale – buy one, get one 40% off. So she bought one for herself and one for her brother, and spent only half her money. She said she couldn’t wait to see the look on Gavin’s face when she gave him his surprise. We stopped to pick up dinner at Noodles and Company and headed home. Gavin didn’t let her down. I wish I had thought to have the camera ready, but Evelyn made him close hie eyes, and the look of surprise and delight on his face when he opened them was award-winning.

Later we had ice cream for dessert, played outside for a while at Gavin’s suggestion because, as he said, it was  such a beautiful day,  and then it was bedtime. On Sunday, I made a big breakfast, and then we made terrariums. Part of Evelyn’s birthday gift was a week of learning about plants and gardening at the Arboretum, which she really enjoyed, so she was thrilled to make her own terrarium. It was another 90 degree day, so we had a plant-mister water fight, and that’s where the soap and water comes in. They love to put their bathing suits on and run through the “splashy ball”, with the bubble machine going full blast.

When we came inside, I guess she hadn’t had enough of soap and water, as she requested a bubble bath in my big garden tub. We ate lunch, we played a card game we gave her for her birthday called Spot it, which was great fun and wound up the festivities with the Game of Life.

Needless to say, both Bill and I collapsed on the couch and watched the end of the Braves game before putting things back in order, coiling up the hose and putting the bubble machine away, until those shenanigans return to add a little soap and water to their fun.

IMG_3832b IMG_3839 IMG_3842 IMG_3843 IMG_3832a IMG_3836 IMG_3835 IMG_3833 IMG_3844

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