Staying in Focus: Focus On: Grandparents Day

Recently, Bill and I were invited to attend Grandparents Day at Evelyn and Gavin’s elementary school.  Bill’s first question was: Will we have to sit in tiny chairs? The answer, we discovered, was no, not tiny chairs, just tiny stools. But tiny stools not withstanding, we had a great time!

We were scheduled to have lunch with Evelyn (fourth grader) at 12:00 and Gavin (first grader) at 1:00. It was so delightful to see the smiles on the children’s faces when they spied their grandparents waiting outside the cafeteria. It may be hard to explain that special bond that exists between grandparents and their grandchildren, but you can see it in their eyes and in their smiles. These are my special people, those smiles say. One dedicated grandmother I spoke to had driven down from Virginia to have lunch with her grandkids! The little ones know unconditional love when they see it.

We missed Evelyn going into the cafeteria, but she spied us as she filled her tray and joined us at the table. We ate half of our lunch with her, and saved half for lunch with Gavin. She chatted with us, telling us she had the role of Blackbeard in the school play, and pointed out her teacher to us. We admired the peridot earrings she was wearing, having had her ears pieced for her recent birthday.The half hour allotted for lunch passed by very quickly, and then we loitered outside the cafeteria until 1:00. when Gavin’s class arrived .

I spied him walking down the corridor, and walking toward him, called his name. That smile that touches my heart every time I see it, spread across his face. He slipped his little hand in mine, and led us into the cafeteria. We found 3 empty tiny stools to sit on and Gavin went to get his lunch on the most incredibly slow lunchline I have ever seen. He had to eat fast to finish in time, but he told us about the things he was building with his Legos, that he was going to be a Thundercat for Halloween and what his schedule was like for the rest of the day.

We told him we would set up another overnight visit with us soon. Bill has this Darth Vader Mr. Potato Head toy (apply named Darth Tater) that Gavin likes to visit when he comes to our house. Bill told him that Darth Vader (Tater) missed him. As he ran to get on line with his class he called back to Bill, “Tell Darth Vader I’m at school!”

There was a bit of a traffic jam as the teachers corralled their students and this gave our Gavin time for3 trips back to us for a quick 3 hugs. Believe me, you can never have too many Gavin hugs.

Gavin wanted us to go with him to see his classroom. We told him that was probably planned for another day, and besides, it was time for recess. With a wave of his hand he disappeared with his class down the corridor, back to his world as we made our way back to car and ours.

It’s a good thing, I think, to visit each other’s world once in a while, to know how they spend their day, see that they are happy and well looked after, and , of course, to get a few extra hugs for the road.

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