Staying in Focus: Are You Ready to MOVE!!!


This year the National Parkinson Foundation fundraiser, Moving Day Triangle, falls on October 31st! My team, Pat’s Patrol, is quickly assembling for the big event – our team should number between 16 and 20. We’re hoping for a real nice day weather-wise, since last year it was cold and rainy, but come what may, we plan to have a good time! Some special spooky events include costume contests, pumpkin decorating, dancing to the “Moving Day Mash”, and trick or treating in the Resource Pavilion. To join my team, use link below.

This is a special day for those of us who deal with, or care for someone who deals with this disease every day.The research scientists and doctors are getting closer and closer to figuring out a cure and every bit of support is a crystal of hope to those of us who fight to keep moving until a cure is found.  60,000 Americans every year join the million already diagnosed, which means that at some time, many of us will know someone who is, or will be, diagnosed, or become a caregiver of a loved one with PD. If you would like to make a donation, it only takes a few minutes, a few minutes that can impact over a million lives Here’s the link :

Some photos of last year:

IMG_2964 IMG_4136 IMG_4116 IMG_4113 IMG_4118 IMG_4109IMG_4112IMG_4119

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