Staying in Focus: Photography 101: Street


My two entries for today’s topic of street were taken in June while I was on vacation in Sweden. They are unique streets, and I think they work well with the theme. The first photo is of Storagatan, one of Sweden’s oldest streets, located in the historic town of Sigtuna, founded in 970.



The second one is Prastgartan, one of  the narrowest streets in Sweden. It is located in Stockholm, in the Old Town district.


I prefer streets where people walk, rather than ones filled with cars and the sounds of horns honking and sirens whizzing by. The hustle and bustle of the crowd in the first picture and the solitude of the lone walker in the second provide a nice contrast, but both depict the connections a street provides, whether it is to bring us together or provide a pathway through out towns and our lives.


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