Photo 101: Day 7: Big and Point of View

As I read this daily theme, I thought where can I find something big? I don’t live in a city with tall buildings, there are no mountains nearby. While I was pondering this, I was on my way to vote in our primary. As we backed  the car out of the garage, I said to my husband, Bill, “What a pretty day. Look at that blue sky and those fluffy clouds.” Then it hit me. The sky is big. I had found my answer  and a way to demonstrate  point of view. (. I cheated a little as the plane shot was not taken today, but it’s the same sky, right?)

One of these photos was shot today, from the ground up, the other was shot from a plane, from the sky down:

IMG_6497 IMG_8356

I took this one just for fun: Caught the trail of a jet (coming in from the left)  heading  for RDU.IMG_6494




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