Day 8: Natural World and Leading Lines

I love taking nature photographs, especially close-ups of flowers. The curves of the petals, the spirals, the textures all interest me. When the pickings are slim outside during the winter months, I take pictures of my houseplants, or buy a  bouquet of flowers at the market and bring them home, and play around with different exposures and settings. Here are my results: The last one is a photo of a butterfly I took last summer.

IMG_1231 IMG_2940 IMG_7143 IMG_0646IMG_2161 Photo05_3











  1. I love your flower photos, especially the tulip with the back lighting. I also love to take close ups of flowers and the butterflies in my back yard are endless entertainment. I never thought of them for leading lines, or just buying them in winter, or just ones I love to photograph…. so THANKS!

    1. Flowers make great photographic models, don’t they? If you buy a bunch of different flowers, you can move them around in the vase, and move the vase to change the lighting. You can focus on one flower, or the colorful bunch together. The butterflies are trickier. This one was great, it was like she was posing for the camera.

      1. I had a praying mantis in my yard last year that had many photo shoots. One of the shots is on my roll on my blog. Crazy how s/he turns his head and cocks it like a dog…and they groom themselves too. Look for one or order a pod of them on the internet. Lots of fun to see them grow too.

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