Staying in Focus: A Birthday Wish – Time Together

After her battle last year with breast cancer, which became lung cancer, all she really wants is to see as  much of her children,grandchildren, and great grandchildren  as she can. She’d love to see the great great grandchildren, but they live far away in Oswego, NY. So my sister and I decided to surprise her on her 91st birthday. She thought she was just having dinner with  Mary and John, but Bill and I drove down from Cary and  Gary, Mary’s son, and girlfriend Robin drove in from Raleigh and we  were sitting there as she arrived . The smile on her face says it all.

When I was in school, it was  a tradition that your girlfriends make you corsages using a package bow and strips of ribbon on which were tied candy like life savers or lolly pops – 12 of them if you were turning twelve, etc. Although we had  an orchid corsage for mom, I made up one of the traditional ones from my youth. With 91 life savers attached to it, it was too heavy to wear, but she loved it all the  same. It would take her nearly three months to eat the candy, if she ate one  each day!

We had  a wonderful dinner – good food, good company, lots of laughs. She’s smiling because she got just what she wanted – a little bit of our time. Not too much to ask from someone who has always been there for us! Happy 91st birthday! We love you, Mom!










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Staying in Focus: Focus On: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GAVIN

We celebrated my grandson’ s 5th birthday this week with a chocolate chip pancake breakfast at Bob Evans. Here are some photos of the event:

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To Gavin

How can it already be year number five

since you first arrived, so precious and  small?

but in almost no time at all

you won my heart with your winning smile,

and vibrant personalityIMG_6070

I love the special kind of hugs

and kisses that you give to me

you have such a great imagination

I look forward with expectation

to find out who you decide to be

your father says right now the choice

is between being  a daddy

541880_4627235271627_106073247_n 544957_10200585290047450_999910405_n

and Ironman.

To be both of then, I think you can –

but in my heart and memories

you’ll always be my little man.

Happy Birthday!