Photo101: Weekend Gallery

We are experiencing crazy weather this weekend. During the week, the temperatures were in the 80s, but today we are in the cold, dreary 40s of winter. So, not having a lot of light to play with, and with the grandkids running around, I found these in my archives to share with you.

I took these photos while on a recent cruise around the British Isles:


These were taken as the ship cruised into the port city of Cobh, Ireland


sun just coming up as we cruise into port


Morning sun on the houses overlooking the harbor.


Blue skies at midmorning


No shadows at midday


The golden light of late afternoon



Staying in Focus: Return From the Sea

We just arrived home from our cruise around the British Isles and what a wonderful time we  had. I went in search of inspiration and I was not disappointed. I happened upon some revelations as well. I will not inundate you with my 2000 plus photographs but will instead try to convey the flavor of the British Isles with some photo collages and commentary. My first inspiration came from being aboard ship again. I love waking up to a sun rising over the sparkling water and wrapping myself in the more mellow tones of the sun setting at day’s end. I love waking up and peeking out behind the drapes to see where our adventures for the day will begin’. I decided, therefore, to start  with a simple concept: the sea.  Here are my favorites from the waters  around the British Isles.

IMG_1574IMG_0996 IMG_0995 IMG_1578 IMG_1069IMG_1141 IMG_0999IMG_1019IMG_1111IMG_1754IMG_1125

on a sea of inspiration

cruising round the British Isles

with sailboats as companions

tacking toward the setting sun…

and in coves,  ships find safe harbor

as the captains in their  cabins

dream of voyages  to come…

the sun bids clouds to gather

as rays of gold rain gently down

and  illuminate the sea;  for a

a sunset over Scotland forms

a memory not forgotten


-pc 2013