Photo 101: Day 14: Scale and Observation

This was a fun exercise. In a travel photography course I’ve taken, the teacher suggested we bring something small to slip unobtrusively into the photo, to connect the pictures. I took the idea a step further and invited my “frog”, Marley, on our cruise around the British Isles. Here is Marley scaled with the Atlantic Ocean in the background, and Marley and my husband, Bill, resting after a long day of touring Glasgow, Scotland. It was easier to make Marley look small in scale.

IMG_1384 IMG_1768a

I took these photos of Marley today:

IMG_6594 IMG_6590 IMG_6622 IMG_6616

Photo101: Day 11: Pop of Color

Here are my photos for a” Pop of Color”.Some of them have a bit of green in them,and the flower cart has colorful flowers, but I feel the images still pop and grab the eye.



Geraniums on a window sill in Gothenburg, Sweden


      Red door on house in Kristiansand, Norway



Street sign in Copenhagen, Denmark


My red watering can


Yellow phone booths in Guernsey, UK



Blue flower cart in Guernsey, UK










Photo101: Weekend Gallery

We are experiencing crazy weather this weekend. During the week, the temperatures were in the 80s, but today we are in the cold, dreary 40s of winter. So, not having a lot of light to play with, and with the grandkids running around, I found these in my archives to share with you.

I took these photos while on a recent cruise around the British Isles:


These were taken as the ship cruised into the port city of Cobh, Ireland


sun just coming up as we cruise into port


Morning sun on the houses overlooking the harbor.


Blue skies at midmorning


No shadows at midday


The golden light of late afternoon


Day 8: Natural World and Leading Lines

I love taking nature photographs, especially close-ups of flowers. The curves of the petals, the spirals, the textures all interest me. When the pickings are slim outside during the winter months, I take pictures of my houseplants, or buy a  bouquet of flowers at the market and bring them home, and play around with different exposures and settings. Here are my results: The last one is a photo of a butterfly I took last summer.

IMG_1231 IMG_2940 IMG_7143 IMG_0646IMG_2161 Photo05_3









Photo 101: Day 7: Big and Point of View

As I read this daily theme, I thought where can I find something big? I don’t live in a city with tall buildings, there are no mountains nearby. While I was pondering this, I was on my way to vote in our primary. As we backed  the car out of the garage, I said to my husband, Bill, “What a pretty day. Look at that blue sky and those fluffy clouds.” Then it hit me. The sky is big. I had found my answer  and a way to demonstrate  point of view. (. I cheated a little as the plane shot was not taken today, but it’s the same sky, right?)

One of these photos was shot today, from the ground up, the other was shot from a plane, from the sky down:

IMG_6497 IMG_8356

I took this one just for fun: Caught the trail of a jet (coming in from the left)  heading  for RDU.IMG_6494



Photo 101: Day 6: Connection

Humans are social beings. We find ourselves compelled to form communities – make connections with other people. These connections may be small –  a connection with a group of friends, a family gathering on Thanksgiving, a book group, a gardening club or a class reunion. We can make connections with larger groups, as well – other societies, cultures and countries. We have access to a world community through the Internet. With it, we have the world at our fingertips.

In this age of technology we can form connections over the Internet, have conversations with people we have not met in person. It was  a little harder, in my day, to keep long distance connections thriving. I have a pen pal with whom I have been connected with since grammar school. She lives in Argentina and I live in the USA, and we have never (yet) met in person. We began by writing letters, and now it is much easier to keep in touch through e-mail. The internet allows us to connect with others who share common interests like photography, poetry and blogging. There are a myriad of support sites. I belong to one for Parkinson’s disease. I can connect with others dealing with the same challenges I have. It is comforting to know I do not fight alone. The compassion and support on this site is amazing. Connections make us feel needed, valued and loved. We must cherish them and nurture them.

I returned to my “picture room” today  (see day 1) and took two photos of picture collages that demonstrate my two” grounding” connections. The connections that keep me grounded and involved in life, that bring me happiness and joy. The first is a wreath collage I made of my childhood family – grandparents, parents and siblings. The second is  a family tree of my own family – husband, sons and grandchildren. These are my most precious connections, the ones I can depend on without question.


My First Connection


My Family Tree