Staying in Focus: A Beautiful Day in My Neighborhood

What is it about spring that makes us want to go outside and play in the dirt? Is it the warm, earth-scented breezes that draw us outside, or the warmth of the sun, or the intensity of green that brings such delight to our eyes? Or perhaps it’s the birds, filling the morning air with song, as they go about building nests for their families. I imagine it is life, calling us forth to join in the return of light and warmth, growth and change.

We had a lot of rain in the early spring months here in North Carolina. Everywhere you look, flowers are blooming, trees and bushes are lush with spring green leaves, the grass, a soft carpet of beneath our feet.

Now as we near the summer solstice, the bright green of spring is deepening into the dark green of summer.  We have had a few days of uncomfortable heat and humidity, but in between, Mother Nature has gifted us with absolutely perfect days of cool weather, pleasant breezes, bright sunshine. They are the kind of days I where I simply cannot go inside, intent on savoring every minute of clear blue skies and fresh air. In fact, this coming week has a few days predicted with highs in the 70s.

I know that soon the heat and humidity will fall on us, like a heavy wet blanket draped over our shoulders and our bright blue sky enveloped in a pall of hazy white. But, for now, I will cherish each low humidity day, pottering outside with my plants, listening to the chorus of birds in the trees.

I invite you to enjoy a beautiful day in my neighborhood:

IMG_6699 IMG_6722 IMG_6747 IMG_6745 IMG_6724 IMG_6727 IMG_6732

Staying in Focus: A Day in the Sun, Time for Fun!

IMG_3009My recipe for fun in the sun:  Take  a trip to the dollar store for a pair of water shooters, mix in a little sunshine, and  a hose of misty water. Add two adorable grandkids and  a lot of fun will fill the day. Enjoy!

She loves him.

She loves him.

She loves him not.

She loves him not.


I'v' e heard of shooting yourself in the foot, but the face?

I’ve heard of shooting yourself in the foot, but the face?

Princess Poison Ivy

Princess Poison Ivy

IMG_3025 IMG_3024_1 IMG_3023_1 IMG_3018



Staying in Focus: Southern Snow

They started a few days ago,those prognosticators of weather. Uncertain as to the timing of the cold air and some rain, they were cautious in their forecasts. But yesterday those computer models began to agree that we would see some light snow. And so we did. So light in fact, that the front yard had no snow when I went out at 9;00 AM, but in the backyard we had a typical Southern snowfall. Not enough snow to make a snowman, but enough to nudge the imagination.

Southern Snow

In the north,  snowflakes fly fast


Entenmann’s crumb cake, anyone?

for weeks the mounds of snow can last

but in the south, our snow is light

falling like feathers in the night

it doesn’t last for very long

for soon the sun will sing its song

and so bring forth a brand new day

as it melts our Southern  snow away.


coconut frosting


a frosty bird house

IMG_2488 - Copy

flag of Nicaragua

pc 2014

Daily Prompt :Staying in Focus: The Golden Hour

Daily Prompt: The Golden Hour

6:00AM: the best hour of the day, or too close to your 3:00AM bedtime?

The golden hour for me is that moment the sun reappears over the horizon in the morning. That slow spread of light, washing away the dark of night heralds the promise of a new day, as yet unwritten and unblemished, open to new possibilities and opportunities. The sun brings both light and warmth, awakens the birds to sing their greeting, and unveils the world, recently in shadow, now sparkling with morning dew. As the sun rises, it sends sunbeams dancing through my room. My golden hour is one of affirmation and resolve.  The doubts and failures of yesterday are forgotten in light of the promise of today.  As I am writing this, the sun has been battling the clouds this morning, and just now  it has found its way through, lighting my autumn dressed maple with its golden touch.

Every morning is golden, every day is a gift, a new beginning and an invitation to enjoy and celebrate all the special moments this day will bring.IMG_2432IMG_2431IMG_2435

Some of my golden hour photos:


sunrise off the coast of England


the sun ignites icy trees on a morning in Virginia

morning on Lake Echo, Marshall's Creek Pennsylvania

morning on Lake Echo,
Marshall’s Creek ,Pennsylvania

Sunrise off the coast of Alaska

Sunrise off the coast of Alaska